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Point Of Sale Required? Need Code Volations Corrected?

code violation repairsDo you need a Point of Sale Inspection in your community? Already have the report and are spending frustrating hours trying to find contractors only to not have them show up at the appointed time?

This can be a very stressful time for sellers, Guardian Angels will come to the rescue to relieve the problem. Call your local building department to determine if you will be required to schedule a Point of Sale Inspection, or contact us to find out.

If it is required you will be able to make that appointment while you are on the phone. The result of the inspection will be a report of Code Violations that will need to be repaired prior to property transfer to avoid money being Escrowed for the buyer. Guardian Angels is familiar with these reports, capable of being present when the inspection is taking place.

Guardian Angels can offer a complete explanation accompanied by an estimate of costs. Having an informal inspection prior to the City Inspection is also a good idea. Sellers having made an effort to correct problems before the inspection often find the report less overwhelming; the Inspector a little more lenient. It is a good idea to repair all those little annoying things first, then the Inspector will explain to you what the big things are and the list will not be catastrophic.


  • Repair broken window panes
  • Adjust doors to close properly
  • Remove multiple electrical extensions
  • Replace broken light fixtures
  • Replace any outlets not working
  • Get rid of peeling paint
  • Repair water damages
  • Clean up the yard, remove broken outdoor items
  • Fix steps and railings

Guardian Angels can provide that informal inspection and create a list of repairs that will prepare your home for a positive reception by the buyers. Missing knobs, doors that won't close, give warnings to buyers that the house may not have had much maintenance. Don't let them think "If the little things don't work, how about the big things?" And you'll get a favorable look from the City Inspector as well.

Not handy, Guardian Angels can make quick and easy repairs. Our experience is especially important when working with older homes that have outdated fixtures that don't work. There really is a knack to make cost effective repairs without complete replacement, although at times that is still a better choice, and investment.

Guardian Angelswill visit with you in your home, an opportunity for us to make recommendations that work, so call us today and let us walk you through the troublesome repair world. Don't be overwhelmed; call Guardian Angels. Their quick and easy maintenance makes life a lot more comfortable and your property much more attractive to buyers.


“Your help was marvelous and invaluable, so I continue to pass your name along. Again, so many thanks.” 

– Barbara G.

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