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Improve Curb Appeal with Guardian Angels Landscape Staging Services

curb appeal for home saleYou only have one chance to make a good first impression!

The first impression of your home is the view from the street. What do you see when you look at your home from the curb? Does your home have curb appeal? Is your home clean, uncluttered and repaired? Or have you spent so much time on the interior that you have totally forgotten about the front door, back deck and overgrown landscaping. You want that first impression so exciting buyers will want to see the inside of your home immediately.

Guardian Angels combine many talents and back up their ideas with the physical know how to achieve a favorable impact on your buyers the very first time they see your home. Getting to know you and your home is where Guardian Angels begin. Developing a "to do" list of all the things that need to be done, then developing a plan to start the doing, which often includes the homeowners participation. In landscape staging, time and money are important factors but ideas come first. Knowing what needs to be done is almost as important as doing it.

Take a look from the street, be critical, pretend you are thinking about buying your house.

  • Is the walkway clear, visible and in good repair?
  • Can you see the house for the bushes?
  • Do you have a lawn care service that has been cutting corners?
  • Are there weeds in the wrong places, is there a right place?
  • Are the gardens edged and mulched directing the buyers eye to your front door.
  • Is your front door attractive or is the paint peeling?
  • Has the front stoop, porch become a depository?
  • What about the welcome matt?
  • Is lighting attractive and sufficient?

Now is the time to develop that plan of things that need to be done. Call Guardian Angels. Ask them for their assistance in efficiently and quickly completing the landscape staging list. Perhaps they have some ideas and simple fixes to complicated problems. A staging on the exterior works as well as one inside. Create an exciting view; make yours the best in the block with a few easy steps.

Curb appeal is your best marketing tool. Make it #1 on your list of important things to do. Often a days' work and a few dollars make all the difference. Guardian Angels provide ideas and a creative approach to all of our homes, spend the least and get the most out of every dollar. So if you're wondering where to start, call Guardian Angels. We make a commitment to our clients and their goals. We take pride in our work and get it done properly, cost effectively and on a timely basis. Call today, 440-338-8872.


"Thank you for all the help that made the quick house sale possible."

– Elizabeth A.


"Thanks so much for everything. Our two older sons have seen the house and they were so impressed. They never dreamed the house could look so good. It takes a lot to amaze them. We never could have put our house on the market without your help. Thanks."

– John and Denise S.

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