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Home Staging Repairs – Quick and Easy with Guardian Angels

home repairPoint of Sale have you spending frustrating hours trying to secure a contractor only to have them not show up at the appointed time.

Before listing your home call your local building department to determine if a Point of Sale Inspection is required.. An appointment by one of the city inspectors can be made at that time. The result of the inspection will be a report of Code Violations that will need to be repaired prior to property transfer to avoid money being Escrowed for the buyer. Guardian Angels is familiar with these reports, sometimes being present when the inspection is taking place. Owners, often dismayed by these reports, look to Guardian Angels to offer a complete explanation accompanied by an estimate of costs. Having an informal inspection prior to the City Inspection is also a good idea. Sellers having made an effort to correct problems before the inspection often find the report somewhat less overwhelming.

Buyer's Inspection has been delivered and in order to go forward with the contract some repairs must be made.

Quick and reasonable repairs are required before the contract can move to signing. Timely estimates and scheduling by Guardian Angels can save the contract, save the stress. Explaining the report can be comforting to sellers who consider their home to be in prefect condition. What can inspectors possibly find wrong? Perhaps an informal Home Inspection by Guardian Angels can prepare you for these surprises. Quick fixes can eliminate many of these items in preparation of a buyers' report later.

Quick fixes can go a long way. You know the ones you've been putting off until you had a free week end. Consider some of the following before tackling the problems and set a plan in motion.

  1. What time of year is it", that makes a difference. Two feet of snow on the ground would hamper any landscaping plans. Keep the walkway and porches clean, shoveled with straight lines. That makes a big difference to buyers. It shows you care. Who wants to step onto icy spots to get to your door. Warmer weather brings need for landscape clean up, perhaps some flowers and maybe even some paint on the front entry. Clean gutters are important, trees growing out of them is a dead give away to poor maintenance, not to mention that leaking basements are often caused by overfilled gutters.
  2. Why the neighbors? Well, when you look at their houses what do you see? If there is anything that you feel is better than your house, maybe you will want to bring your house up to their standards or better. If someone else has a broken play set in their front yard doesn't mean yours looks alright. Strive to be the best on the block, it will impress the buyers that they will own the best looking house in the neighborhood.
  3. Budget is always important. You need to get as much bang for the buck when getting your house ready for sale. The best way to stretch your investment! Do all the little things first, reducing the list to a minimum. How much better it will look to have the doors all close properly, cabinet hardware working and in place, leaky faucet repaired, chewed door frame replaced. Get rid of that peeling paint. The small jobs create an image of good maintenance and that's a very good assumption for a buyer.

Guardian Angels do it all.

All of this seems too overwhelming? You don't know the difference between a hammer and a screwdriver? You've read the reports three times and you still don't understand what a breaker is? You're scheduled out of town for a few days? Guardian Angels is ready to explain, estimate, complete repairs that will make selling your home so much easier. Contact us today.


"Thank you so much for all the hard work and finishing touches to make my house a home!"

– Maureen M.


"I live in Boston and needed to find someone to trust to help with my Grandmother's house in South Euclid. It had fallen into disrepair after many years of neglect … all of the work was completed in a timely manner and was within budget. Pat and Bill interfaced successfully with town officials for permitting and resolving issues with compliance promptly. All of the sub-[contractors performed their responsibilities with dedication and commitment amongst some difficult circumstances. All of the work was completed to place the house on the market. The house was completely transformed and showed to it's potential. The house sold within the first week over asking price. We are extremely pleased with the end results."

– Robin S.

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